What We Do

Our Approach

We are dedicated to providing a proactive approach that upholds our values and to continuously strive to achieve our mission – to create value and make a difference.

‘We believe in forming strong bonds and aligning ourselves with the right partners, while investing in the community, and becoming invested in our clients. Functionality and simplicity through innovation is what sets us apart, and we’re proud of that. We believe in bold strokes.’

Our roadmap starts with our mission and values, which is enduring. It declared our purpose as a company, and serves as the standard against which we weigh every action and decision. We believe that the Garden Route and its surroundings are in its growth stage, and that we are uniquely positioned to provide modern-day legal advice and solutions for its ever-expanding community. A strong partner like our firm, we believe, is needed to ensure smooth, effortless legal and administrative transactions.

The law is a constantly evolving thing, and as such, it’s only natural that we evolve with it. We strive continuously to better ourselves, both through honing our knowledge of familiar fields of law, and expanding into new ones. We choose to stay vibrant, growing our firm in new directions, and not giving over to stagnation. In this manner, we’re able to handle any and all legal problems our clients may have, making ours the only firm they’ll need.


To be valued by our clients and exceed their expectations at all times.


To look after our clients’ best interests, determine their needs, and maintain the highest caliber of legal service.

Special working atmosphere

The hallmark of our firm is the supportive attitude and collective sense of humour of our legal team. We work daily to enhance our common bond.

Mentoring & Coaching

All our employees are encouraged to learn, improve, excel, and become leaders in their field. We work to assure career opportunities via sustained growth and financial strength.

Our Clients

Being transparent is an integral part of what we do, and how we ensure we collaborate at the highest levels – building relationships which are based on respect and understanding, whether it’s working with clients or partners. We deliver success in everything we do.

We undertake to treat all our clients as equally important, and make certain that none of them feel second best. This approach is critical for A. Chimes & Van Wyk as we work to build strong and long-lasting relationships with every one of our clients.

Representing your best interests is what motivates each of us to succeed. Whether you are a client or an employee, your challenges and needs are what motivate us.

The idea that a certain level of reserve and impersonality is a necessity for a law firm was never given much credence at A. Chimes & Van Wyk. We fundamentally believe in treating our clients in a friendly, engaging manner; nothing conveys the fact more that we care about their case, as much as showing we do.

Our Perspective

‘It’s about standing back, raising yourself higher, and getting a different view on things. Being proactive and taking the lead – getting things done in a simple, yet sophisticated way.’

It’s unfortunate that the thinking in the twenty-first century is still that law firms need to look and act in a certain way – it’s an idea that is based purely on perception. A. Chimes & Van Wyk’s goal from the start was to change the perception that a firm needs to be reserved and stiff, and show that it can be a warm, jubilant environment where close-knit relationships with clients can exist. We believe you have to break some walls to both gain people’s confidence, and show them a new way.

We value our clients and their business, and we’d love to hear your story, as well as offer our specialized advice. Take some time when you can, and come in to discuss your problems over coffee.