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A Chimes Van Wyk


A Chimes & Van Wyk Inc was founded in 2007 by Andaleen Chimes and Adele Van Wyk, both of whom had considerable experience in law by that time. From the outset, they wanted to do something different and create a firm with a more personal air, retaining only the professionalism expected from the vocation. At its core, A. Chimes & Van Wyk is a boutique firm, capable of tending to a variety of its clients’ legal needs, without losing its unique personality.

Values and Goals

Our values and goals work hand-in-hand here at A. Chimes & Van Wyk and revolve around creating an experience for our clients where they don’t just feel like a name on a list – they feel like part of the team. Once a part of our family, you remain with us; clients of our firm are made to feel appreciated. We pride ourselves in being a word of mouth firm, relying on the reputation we build. We believe that any legal journey is one that should include the client – thus we keep you informed every step of the way, making sure you feel important in the process. Our personal approach to law is to handle it with the utmost transparency. Should you use our services, we will be wholly on your side and will do our best to ensure you receive every benefit we can afford you.

Our Team

The team here at A. Chimes & Van Wyk is made up of a diverse array of people with various areas of expertise and experience, though we’re all committed to a certain work ethic, and to putting our clientele first. We aren’t afraid of new challenges, or treading territory we’ve never encountered. Ultimately, we’re a growing firm, and embrace the fact wholeheartedly.

A Chimes Van Wyk Team

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